A new initiative has been launched to make Bolton a ‘City of Sanctuary’ where refugees are made welcome.
City of Sanctuary is a national movement committed to building a culture of hospitality and welcome, especially for refugees seeking sanctuary from war and persecution. City of Sanctuary’s network of local groups includes over 50 towns and cities across the UK and Ireland, all working to build to building this culture of welcome across every sphere of society.
For many years Bolton has offered a home to people whose lives were in danger in their own countries. Many have lost their homes and families, but they have brought new skills, music, food and hard work to build up our town.
Julia Simpkin of Bolton Against Racism, who chaired the launch meeting, said: “We want Bolton to always be a welcoming place for refugees and to ensure that the vulnerable, destitute and victims of hate crime in Bolton are supported by a strong network of local people and community groups.”
City of Sanctuary supporters in Bolton so far include Bolton at Home, the Octagon Theatre, Bolton Council of Mosques, Bolton Hindu Forum, Bolton Wanderers Community Trust, Bolton CVS, Urban Outreach, British Red Cross, BRASS, the Destitution Project and a range of churches and community groups. Supporting organisations promise to welcome and include people seeking sanctuary in their activities.
The group would like more local organisations and individuals to help in making Bolton proud to be a place of safety. It is planning to organise talks and events to bring Bolton people together, to fundraise and recruit volunteers