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The Cotton Queens received a visit from the brilliant singer/songwriter Claire Mooney in October. Claire helped the group develop their very own song of Worktown Women.

CLATTERING CLOGS   (Working Title !!!)


We are women who make a difference,

We are women who matter.

Hear the voices from the past

Hear our clog irons clatter.

Spinning and weaving all day long,

Working looms proud and strong,

Bolton mills producing cotton

These women should never be forgotten.


Pitch black darkness all around

Days spent crawling underground,

Sifting slack, heaving coal,

Almost breaking body and soul.


Voices growing stronger,

Under the thumb no longer,

Fighting for equality

Powerful in unity.


Life has changed in every ways

As we look back on the olden days,

But there is still a way to go

This we know! This we know!